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National Honor Society hosts Halloween trail for the Primary School

On October 31st, members of the New Egypt High School National Honor Society performed in front of their harshest, and most important, critics, the New Egypt Primary School students attending the annual “Halloween Trail.”  “The Trail” was created over the last two months by the students involved in the National Honor Society.  All of the members put their various artistic skills to work, whether it be visual, with students painting posters and creating a distinct aesthetic Halloween look to “The Trail,” auditory, with students lending their voices to popular characters that led the primary classes through “The Trail,” or tactile, as many helped with organization and physically keeping the 150 plus youngsters engaged as they attempted to find Pikachu.

Finding the popular Pokémon, Pikachu, played by Tiffany Bautista, was the primary goal set forth by “The Trail” leaders, Pokémon “trainers” Tanner Kazio and Dana Colarocco.  They weaved a sense of suspense and wonderment as the primary students collected clues, eventually figuring out where Team Rocket, played by Omeed Rahin, Brady Manion, and Zach Peslak, took the beloved Pikachu.  In order to pick up clues and get the Pokeballs necessary to release Pikachu from her capture, the trainers walked the students through a variety of fictional lands filled with surprises including Star Wars, Monster’s Inc., a Disney Princess Palace, and finally, Team Rocket’s Hideout.  At each venue, the eager children had to complete tasks such as ring tossing, bottle flipping, knocking down structures with balls, guessing what “gruesome goulash” was hidden in pots, and knocking Pikachu free with dodge balls.  Once the task was completed and a wave of cheers flooded the woods behind New Egypt Primary School, students were gifted with a variety of spooky Halloween trinkets from the ever thankful Pikachu.  The 2016 NEHS NHS “Halloween Trail” was a rousing success enjoyed not only by the primary school attendees, but also by the high school students who had the pleasure to provide them with the experience.

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