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    Occupational Therapy
       Now, more than ever, there are children of varying abilities included in our school buildings every day. Being a student is an important role for every child. Occupational Therapy, also called OT, is a Related Service that can support children to help them become active and independent participants in all their school has to offer. 
         OTs work with students to help them do their job of growing, playing, and learning. This can mean anything from writing your name, to zippering your jacket, to cutting with scissors, to carrying your lunch tray. OTs can screen, evaluate, treat, and provide consultations. You may see us working in the classroom, the therapy room, the halls, the gym, or even the playground. 

    OTs can work on some of the following skills in a school:
    • Activities of daily living/self-help skills
    • Visual perceptual skills
    • Visual motor skills
    • Fine and gross motor planning and coordination
    • Sensory processing