" Teaching: It is understanding that as long as you teach, you are still learning."
    Copyright © 2006 Aline Hanle

    Meet Mrs. White
    Hi! This is my 16th year teaching at New Egypt and I love it! This is my fifth year teaching fourth grade. Prior to that, I taught first grade for eleven years. 
    My husband, Kevin, and I have two children. Connor is 14 and Madison is 12. When not running around for Connor's and Maddie's sports and extracurricular activities, we like to hang out at the lake near our house, go to the beach, and travel.  
    My Philosophy
    "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way." I completely agree with these beautiful words sang by the late Whitney Houston.  The children are our future and we believe it takes a team effort to ensure they are taught well. I feel that parents and teachers working collaboratively are a key ingredient to ensuring a child reaches his/her full academic and social potential.


    I believe each child is unique and special and I take an eclectic approach to our instruction. I do this to ensure I am meeting the individualized academic and social needs of all of the students in my classroom. It is very exciting to know that I am teaching our future leaders and members of our society that will one day have jobs and careers that might not have even been invented yet. 


    In order to prepare the students to be future successful citizens in our society, I do my best to empower each student to take charge of his or her own learning. I want them to realize that learning is something that does not stop at the end of the school day. The opportunity for learning is occurring at all times for everyone, no matter what age.