1. In accordance with NJ State Sanitary Code: (NJAC: 16-2.2; 8:57-4.1-4.20 & NJSA: 18A: 40-4, 40-21.2), all students must have had a physical exam within the last 365 days and immunization before entering school. This is mandatory for students who are new to the district and those entering Kindergarten. If your child has had a physical exam within the last 365 days, a copy of the results and immunization records from the doctor must be sent to my office. After the first day of school, a 30 day provisional period is allowed. However, your child may be excluded from school after that if the proper documentation is not received.
    2. The timing of flu season varies but is typically from October to March. A flu shot annually is highly recommended, but not mandatory, for elementary school students. If your child receives a flu shot this season, please e-mail or send a note to me so I can update their health record.
      *A note regarding vaccine exemptions-According to the NJ Department of Health (NJDOH), the only exemptions allowed in NJ are religious and medical.
    Medical: Only a doctor or nurse practioner can write a medical exemption note. I need this note for your child's health folder.
    Religious: A note written by parents/guardians is the only requirement for this exemption. The note does not need to include the name of your religion and it does not need to be signed or notarized by a religious leader. It must be signed by the parent.