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     This year we will be introducing a new math program, Bridges. This program aligns with the Standards and the materials are based on students making connections to their everyday living experiences. It includes frequent practices of basic math skills and the use of mental math in all applications. The children will be exposed to many concepts such as addition and subtraction, multiplication, problem solving, geometry, division, time, money, and measurement, to name a few. Students are encouraged to think through problems in multiple ways, deepening their understanding of math concepts. They will learn different strategies for problems as well as math facts for fluency. Direct instruction, combined with strategic work and fun games help to solidify the skills taught. Bridges has three components: Number Corner, a daily 20-minute session, introduces and reviews concepts, such as fractions for third-graders. Hour-long daily lessons blend guided and independent practice, and Work Place time regularly includes math games for honing skills. Discussions are a key fixture as students are asked to share/explain their startegies and thinking. It is an interactive program where all students and their teacher talk and learn about math!

     Make Learning Fun!