• School-to-Work Rules & Regulations

    The Senior Seminar Program is a graduation requirement and will prepare students for real world work experience through part time on-the-job training.

     The following guidelines have been set forth as stated and agree to adhere to these throughout the school year.

    1. Understand that the Senior Seminar Program includes work experience in the form of training.  All Seminar students are mandated to follow New Jersey Department of Education, Department of Labor, and the Plumsted Township Board of Education rules and regulations as outlined in the Plumsted Township Student Handbook.  All students must agree to abide and adhere to these rules and regulations.


    1. To be regular in attendance and punctual in school and on the job.  The student will comply with employer’s policies regarding regular attendance.


    1. If a student is suspended from school, in or out, the student is also suspended from work.  


    1. Notify your Coordinator before 7:00 AM, using email or telephone, when it is necessary to be absent or late to school.  (CALL SCHOOL and LEAVE A MESSAGE)


    1. Notify your Mentor or internship before 9:45 AM that you will be absent from work or late to work.


    1. Understand that to be absent from school means that you are not permitted to work that day.


    1. Understand that once your employment site is accepted and approved, it is under the direction and control of your Coordinator.  Therefore, any changes in work schedule, duties, pay or other circumstances of the job must be reported to your Coordinator.


    1. Understand that no student may change or terminate employment without permission of the Coordinator.


    1. Conduct yourself at school and work in a manner that will reflect favorably and honorably upon yourself and the program you represent.



    1. Realize that when you leave the school building to report to work, you are not leaving school but traveling to another site for a different form of education.  As a result, your school day is usually longer than the average student.


    1. Consult with your Coordinator about any difficulties on the job as soon as you are aware that a problem exists.


    1. Demonstrate honesty, punctuality, courtesy, and a cooperative attitude, proper health and grooming habits, appropriate dress and willing to learn.  (No earrings on face, no tattoos showing, and casual dress requirement at certain locations-this means no sweatpants and ripped clothing, certain logo’s on shirts/pants).  Follow all rules and regulations as outlined in the Plumsted Township Student Handbook and in the Senior Seminar Program.


    1. Furnish the Coordinator with all necessary information, complete all reports and keep a daily record of time and training activities.  Understand that you will receive credit only if assignments; journals, time sheets and evaluations are satisfactorily completed.


    1. Provide the Coordinator with a copy of your motor vehicle insurance and registration of the car you will be driving to and from work.


    1. Students must sign-out in the main office everyday when they are leaving for work.  Sign-in at location (schools).


    Understand that failure to comply with any part of this agreement may result in dismissal from the Senior Seminar Program.