• A word on translation (and some help for those parents who have asked for it)

    The goal of the Spanish program is for students to acquire the language in a natural way as they are given many opportunities to use the language in a variety of contexts. That means students are not translating from Spanish into English or vice versa.

    I have had several parents asking for help with the vocabulary found in the PowerPoints above and in the study guides that students fill out in class and bring home in order to prepare for their tests. Some of these parents have never studied Spanish; others haven't studied it in years. In order to assist these parents in feeling more comfortable with helping their children in Spanish I have added some lists showing the Spanish words and the English translation next to them. I hope you find this added resource helpful.

    Second grade

    La familia

    Third grade

    Classroom vocabulary


    Town places

    Animales de la Granja

    Fourth grade

    Partes de la casa

    Partes del cuerpo


    Fifth grade

    La comida