• General Spanish vocabulary for all the classes

    Each day in Spanish classes we review basic information, such as the date, the seasons, and the weather. Hearing this information repeated on a daily basis helps students to remember it and to understand its natural context while communicating something important about everyday life. Here are some PowerPoint presentations that can help if you have trouble with any of the everyday work we do in class with things like the calendar, the seasons, or the weather.

    Calendar information

    This PowerPoint presentation will help students review the names of the months of the year, the days of the week, and how to tell what the date is in Spanish. In addition, there are several commonly asked questions about the calendar that are explained as part of this presentation.

    Los meces del año y los días de la semana

    The weather

    This next PowerPoint provides some review of the common weather words used in class to answer the question, "¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?"

    El tiempo

    The seasons

    Each class period students are asked some basic questions about the seasons of the year. This PowerPoint helps students review the names of the seasons and how to answer a couple of basic questions about the seasons. 

    Las estaciones

    Saying hello, asking how someone is, and saying goodbye

    Here's a PowerPoint designed to help with what to do when you meet someone or need to leave. After practicing, use these phrases with the teacher at the start or end of class or when you see him in the hallway.

    Hola, ¿Cómo estás? y Adios