We are busy this Month!   
    Writing:  We are excited to develop as Writers throughout second grade.  We will be following the workshop model during our Writing time.  During Writer's Workshop each day, students are taught a mini-lesson, given independent Writing time, and are able to reflect each day by sharing their stories.  During independent writing time, I am conferencing with students about their stories and/or pulling strategy groups to review writing skills.  Students love our Writer's Workshop Units.  They thrive on the structure of learning skills taught in mini-lessons, write frantically during independent Writing time, and enjoy sharing stories during share time.  We are eager to let our classmates know what we like and notice about each other's stories.  This month, we will interview our classmates about their summer adventure.  We will also launch Writer's Workshop and learn about the routines and procedures of Writer's workshop in 2nd grade.  
     Reading: We are following a workshop model during Reading where a mini-lesson is taught, followed by independent reading time and small group instruction, and ending with a share.  Your child will be placed in a reading group that will meet with me throughout the week to review the skills taught in the mini-lessons.  When they are not meeting with me, they will practice reading and responding to "just right" books.  They will share what they find at the end of each reading session.  Each week the skills we are working on will be modeled, practiced, and independently worked on until mastery is achieved.  We will work together and on our own to master the skills taught, and then reinforce those skills by having the students practice them in their book nook and through interaction with their reading partner.  This month, we will hear many back to school stories to discuss our feelings about a new year, set goals for second grade, and discuss meaningful friendships.  We will also launch Reader's Workshop, and get to know the reading routines and procedures.  


    Math:  We will also be following the workshop model for Math as well.  Your child is taught a mini-lesson to introduce a skill, then given independent work to complete.  Once completed, your child may choose various stations to visit:  Math with someone (partner games), Math Review (reviewing concepts already introduced), Math with Technology (practicing various Math skills on the flip books or smart board), Math facts (various activities to help your child master their addition and subtraction facts), Write about Math (solving word problems in their Math Journal).  While students are visiting these stations, I will be pulling groups to differentiate instruction by reviewing or extending skills as needed.  
    This year we will be instituting a new Math program called Bridges in Mathematics.  We will not have homework each night as with the My Math Program.  We will be completing many hands on inquiry based problems in Bridges.  Students will also be introduced to Number Corner, a part in our day dedicated to discussing various numeric activities such as Calendar grid observations, measurement, hidden picture grids, Number Neighbors, and much more!  





     Social Studies:  Throughout the year, we will learn about Communities, Government,  Geography and Landforms.  Throughout 2nd grade, we will rotate between Social Studies and Science each marking period.  This month, we will begin learning about Communties.  

    Science:  For the second year, we will be utilizing Mystery Science to learn about various scientific topics.  We will learn about Plants and Animals, Matter and Energy, and Water and its processes.  

    Image result for insects and plants
    *****We have Mystery Readers every Friday at 2:45.   There are dates available if you or a family member, friend, or neighbor of a student would like to come read.    I will send home a reminder letter the Friday before your visit asking you for some clues, which will be read to the students throughout the day you will be reading!