This year our school will be using a new Math program called Bridges.  This program is very hands-on.  We are excited to get started!  We will use this program during Math Workshop.  During Math Workshop, there will be a whole class lesson based on the day's skill.  The students will then break into small groups based on their strengths and weaknesses with that skill.  During the small groups, the students will be working with the teacher, doing independent work, playing math games, using the iPad, and practicing facts.

    Here are two websites filled with great math games for your child to practices their skills



    This year your child will learn many reading skills and strategies while learning to love reading.  In Reader's Workshop, there is a short mini-lesson to learn a skill.  After the lesson is taught each day, students will have the chance to read independently on their "just right" reading level and practice the skill of the day.  We will end sharing with our partners and the class how our reading went for the day.  While students are reading independently, the teacher will be meeting with small groups of students to do guided reading and strategy groups.

    At the beginning of the year, we will learn about the routines and procedures of Reader's Workshop.  



    We will also be following the workshop model in writing.  During Writer's Workshop, we will learn a new writing skill in a mini-lesson, practice the skill in our own writing and then share with the class.  While students are working on their own writing, the teachers will be meeting with small groups and individual students.  Writer's Workshop is always a favorite time of the day!  
    In September, we will be learning about the routines and procedures of Writer's Workshop.  We will also be writing personal narratives and about our summer breaks.
    Our first Science unit will be Plant Adventures.