We are following the Next Generation standards using both textbooks and the Mystery Science Program. The students will be doing various hands-on activities and experiments, to gain knowledge. Students are responsible for taking notes and putting all of their worksheets into their notebooks. Notebooks are graded periodically to make sure students are taking notes and keeping track of their materials. Students will do various graded activities, quizzes, and tests, to assess their learning of the material.  The units include: structure, function, and information processing, waves and information transfer (Eye Model Design Challenge), Earth systems, and energy (Rube Goldberg Design Challenge).
    Social Studiesr
     Students will be expected to take notes and keep an organized notebook and folder. Topics we will study include: map skills and regions of the United States, regions of New Jersey, history of New Jersey, and we will complete a PBL hands on unit where students identify a problem in the community and create possible solutions.