This year our school will be using a new Math program called Bridges.  This program is very hands-on.  We are excited to get started!  We will use this program during Math Workshop.  During Math Workshop, there will be a whole class lesson based on the day's skill.  The students will then break into small groups based on their strengths and weaknesses with that skill.  During the small groups, the students will be working with the teacher, doing independent work, playing math games, using the iPad, and practicing facts.


    Here are two websites filled with great math games for your child to practices their skills




      We are so excited to be doing The Daily 5 this year!! The Daily 5 is a structure for teaching reading.  The Daily 5 is an integrated literacy instruction and classroom management system. It is a system of five literacy tasks that teaches students independence.  The purpose of The Daily 5 is to teach students useful strategies to use as they read and then give them practice applying those strategies.  It is called The Daily 5 because there are five literacy components for children to choose from when they go off to work. These components are: Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work. It is NOT called Daily 5 because they do all 5 every day. The foundations that are important to The Daily Five are: trusting students, providing choice, nuturing community and building stamina.  Daily 5 is a vital component of literacy instruction!  
    We will be spending most of September Launching The Daily Five.  We will learn how to select just right books, what our responsiblities are during each task, and how to work with a partner.
    While the students are engaged in their tasks I am able to meet with guided reading groups, strategy groups and conference with students.
    We are very excited to be doing Writer's Workshop this year.  Their is a mini lesson, independent writing/conferences, and share time.  We are very excited to become wonderful writer's this year! Writer's Workshop is one of our favorite times of day! We will be spending September Launching Writer's Workshop.  We will be learning the routines and writing personal narratives about our summer.
     During our phonics time we will be utilizing the Fundations program.  This program will teach students the foundational skills of reading and writing through repetition and practice.  The students will be learning different phonics skills, and trick words. They will be applying these skills to their writing.  There will be a Fundations test at the end of each unit. The students will receive a packet of homework that will be due at the end of each unit.
    Social Studies and Science

    We will be spending time in science learning about Plant Adventures. We will also be working on our Growth Mindset.