• Pillow Polo


    Pillow polo hockey sticks

    Gator Skin Ball

    How to play:

    • Play pillow polo with floor hockey rules

    • A game of pillow polo is played with 10 or 12 players, five or six from each team.

    • In the game Pillow Polo a foul may be called for – Kicking, Pushing, and also High Sticking.

    • A penalty stroke is taken when a player commits a foul in the goalie box.

    • When starting off the game players may touch sticks three times during a bully.

    • The game Pillow Polo is very similar to a game of Field Hockey.

    • In order to win a game of Pillow Polo you would need to score more goals than your opponent.

    • When playing Pillow Polo you are doing an anaerobic activity.

    • The only person that is allowed to Kick the ball is the Goalies.


    Only the goalie can use their feet to block the ball.

    You cannot bat at a ball that is in the air.

    Only the goalie can roll the ball back on the court after saver.

    Blue sticks aren’t just used for the goalie they can be used for whoever is playing in the game.

    A jump-start in the game does not restart the game.

    A bully starts the game every time.