Surf into Reading                                                                                                                Surf into Reading        
    Our classroom works with the Reading Wonders Literacy Program.  We provide an excellent all-around language arts program that includes phonics, grammar, writing, and reading as an individual, in small group and whole class instruction. 

    Skills focusing on:

        *  Compare and Contrast          *  Author's Purpose          *  Sequencing          *  Fact and Opinion

        * Character traits          *  Plot and setting          *  Cause and Effect

        *  Theme          *  Generalizing          *  Drawing Conclusions


    reading Reading Wonders Literacy Program Includes...reading

               Mini-Lessons focusing on the various skills introduced weekly/bi-weekly which are grade appropriate
            Teaching with close reading strategies using short complex texts.  Focusing on comprehension, genre,            
            vocabulary, and writing traits
            Applying those close reading strategies with anchor texts and extended complex texts at their
            appropriate levels
            Guided Reading - differentiated small groups based on ability working on short stories and focusing on
            literature skills
           Integrating research and reading across text


          Assessing students using weekly and unit assessments



    writing  Writer's Workshop Includes:Writing     
    Intensive and targeted instruction to whole class, small groups, and individuals

    Targeting different styles and genres of writing

    Investigations - research projects



    Reading Reading