• Weekly Homework and Project Information
    We will be implementing the Bridges in Mathematics program this year and your child will receive homework a couple of times of week through this program. We will also be giving math boxes periodically throughout the week that spirals math skills. Math homework may not be given every night. 
    Every student should and is required to read the literature of their choice for 20 minutes a night.  The literature does not have to be strictly a book or novel.  Students can and are not limited to internet or newspaper articles and magazines.  
     Spelling will be assigned on a daily basis (Monday- Thursday).  Spelling tests will be on Friday.  
    Every other Friday an update will be sent home and must be signed and returned the following Monday.  This update will show the following...
    -grades received from any test taken that week
    -missing or late classwork and homework assignments from the week
    -behavior problems or any academic concerns
    -great things that have occurred that week with your child
    -any upcoming events your child will partake in
    -an opportunity for you to correspond any concerns or questions for us
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