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    In Reader's Workshop we learn our lesson for the day then head off to our book nooks to read and practice what we learned while we take small guided reading groups.  During guided reading groups we are helping students with decoding, fluency and comprehension while reinforcing what we have been learning.  Our reading time ends with a share of what we learned today and where we found it in our books we were reading.  
    Current Unit:  Reading is Thinking "Metacognition"- Learning our comprehension strategies.  
    Monday:  Metacognition
    Tuesday:  Visualizing
    Wednesday:  Visualizing
    Thursday:  Schema- Text to self connections
    Friday:  schema- text to text connections
    We also work on writer's workshop.  This is set up exactly like reading time.  We will teach a lesson of the day, students will go off to work on that lesson in their independent writing.  While they are writing independently we will be pulling small groups to work on skills and meeting with students individually to discuss their current writing piece.  We end writing time each day with a share of what we wrote for the day.   
    Current Unit: Launching Writer's Workshop
    Monday: Spelling strategies
    Tuesday:  Graphic organize for scary story
    Wednesday: Rough draft scary story
    Thursday:  Final draft scary story
    Friday: Columbus Day

       Math math
     This week we are beginning Chapter 1:  Addition and Subtraction Strategies of Single digit numbers.   Each night the students will bring home a math worksheet to go along with what we have been learning that day.  Please review your child's homework with him/her.  
    Monday- Addition word problems
    Tuesday- count back to subtract (14-5; 13, 12, 11, 10, 9)
    Wednesday- subtract 0/subtract all (6-6=0, 6-0=6)
    Thursday- Using doubles to subtract (10-5=5)
    Friday-  using + to - (10-3, 3+7=10)
    At the end of each chapter your child will be given a math test to be sure they understood the material taught within that chapter. 
    Please be sure to practice Rocket Math facts every night.  It's a great way to help your child progress forward as the standards get more complex.  Here are some great sights for fun ways to practice math facts.  You can also find other sites on your child's google classroom.  



    Word Study  word study
     FUNdations is a great program a multisensory, structured, systematic, cumulative, and explicit program with a clear and thoroughly documented research basis. The program focuses on student development by differentiating instruction, and actively engaging students in their learning.  FUNdations helps your child understand the why words are they way the are. 
    Unit 1 Focus:  digraphs, blends, bonus letters, closed syllables
    A digraph is two consonants that make one sound (wh, ch, sh, th, ck)
    Blends are 2-3 consonants that mix together but make separate sounds (ex: cl, pr, nd, str)
    Bonus Letters are double letters (f, l, s, z) found after a short vowel (ex:  miss, fluff, hill)
    Closed Syllables are when the vowel is closed into the word by consonants following it.  When we see that the vowel is closed into the word we know the vowel is short (ex: mat, think)
    Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We are happy to help!  
    Science force/simple machines
    Our First unit in science is... What is a scientist?  We will investigate what a scientist does.  
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