Mission Statement


    This class provides a foundation for learning the essential personal finance skills that will become increasingly important as you mature.  By learning the basic concepts of economics, banking, government, insurance, goal setting, and budgeting you will stand a greater chance of being financially sound and a productive member of society.


    Course Outline


    Unit 1 – Banking Services


            History of Money

            Loans and Credit

            Debit Cards


    Unit 2 – Economics

        Intro to Micro and Macro

            Foreign Currency and the European Union

            Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy


    Unit 3 – Consumer Education


            Predatory Lending

            Creating a Menu

            Consumer Protection Laws


            Credit Counseling

            Identity Theft


    Unit 4 – Building Your Fortune

        Seven Steps For Financial Success


            Stocks, Bonds and Securities


    Unit 5 – Business Organizations

        Types and Rolls

            Advantages and Disadvantages

            Payroll and Deductions


    Unit 6 – Employment

        Career Planning


            Payroll and Deductions