• Course Requirements


    Required Materials (Bring to class every day)

                One inch three-ring binder

                Lined three-hole filler paper

                Black or blue pen

                Red pen

           `    Checkbook (to be distributed)

                Checkbook register (to be distributed)

                Checking account deposit slips (to be distributed)

                Simple calculator




    Classroom Policy

                Be on time

                Bring required materials (see above)

                Do daily “Do Nows” as soon as you come into class

                Make up all missed work (your responsibility)

                No food or drink (except water) with the exception of breakfast

                Three missed assignments earns a detention

                Detentions not served within five school days earns an extra day





                Do Nows                                                                                 10%

                Class participation                                                                    20%

                Homework and projects                                                            30%

                Quizzes                                                                                    20%

                Tests                                                                                        20%