NEHS Band Parent Association Officers 2024-25
     Co-Presidents: Mr. And Mrs Raucci
    Vice President: Vacant
    Treasurers: Mr. and Mrs Waddington
    Other Positions
    Communications: Mr. Grotto and Ms. Santoro
    Equipment Trailer: Mr. Wheelock
    Concession Stand Liaison: Mr. and Mrs. Read
    Special Event Flowers: Mrs. Sheehan
    Fundraising Chair: Vacant
    Trip Planning: Vacant
    Booster Club Liaison: Vacant
    The Band Parent Association is a collaboration of parents and guardians working together to support the students and band directors.
    Our goal is to ensure that the students have a creative and rewarding musical experience.
    We would love to have you join us on our mission and get involved! 
    These are some of the things the group does to support the Band :
    Co-Presidents: Work together with the director to ensure there is clear communication between school administrators and parents. Collaborates with parents to find fundraisers, trips and ensure that the events run smoothly.
    Communications: The basic maintenance of the email list and email mass communication as well as Parent square.
    Vice President:  Interacts with the Band Director on "as needed" projects such as the purchase of needed equipment or accessories. 
    Treasurer: Manages the books, interacts with the Booster Club to obtain account statements and requests checks from the Booster Club.
    Booster Club Liaison: Attends Booster Club meetings and represents the interests of the Band Department. Also, it helps to provide band/drill staff for the fundraiser LAX tournaments in June/July.
    Concession Stand Liaison: Overall coordination of the concession stand planning. Ideally, he/she works with the group to manage staffing, shopping, accounting, etc.
    Fundraising: Separate from the concession stand. We try to offer a number of fundraisers either for the benefit of the band as a whole or for individual student benefit. 

    Special Event Flowers: Order flowers for special events such as Senior Night, winter and spring concerts.

    Trailer: Pulling a lightweight trailer to away games and parades. Also, help load/unload musical instruments.