Note from the Director


    The policies and regulations laid out in this handbook are the end result or researching other area handbooks and discussing our department’s needs with students, directors, and parents. The inner workings of the Music Department are always changing to best serve the student’s music education, as well as fulfill the expectations placed on our performing ensembles. As such, this handbook will continue to evolve to reflect the practices of the Music Department that will lead to the most successful and enriching experience possible for everyone involved. Please take a moment to read through this handbook and familiarize yourself with its contents. Your knowledge of our policies, procedures, and expectations of you as a music student will help to improve our department and strengthen our performing ensembles as we continue to strive for excellence.


    Role of the Band Member


    Every member of our music program plays an integral role in our success. It is imperative that all members of our ensembles strive to be the best musicians that they can be in order for the group to improve as a whole. To this end, it is important for every band member to keep the following in mind:


    Instrument Care and Maintenance- Store your instrument properly and use caution when putting it together and breaking it down.


    Be Prepared for Rehearsal- Students are expected to be ready to play at the beginning of rehearsal. You should take care of reeds, mutes, music, slide grease, or any other needs before rehearsal begins.


    Participate- Band in not an “Easy A”. Students are expected to do their part as a member of the ensemble. This requires a commitment to musicianship and to the group. Participating in a music ensemble is unlike taking any other class in the school. We are very much like a team sport-the group’s success is dependent upon the effort and commitment of each individual member.


    Be Respectful- Wasting time in Class and being unprepared is disrespectful to both the Directors and the rest of the students. Remember that a great amount of hard work from many different people goes into everything we do.


    Remember, each person in the band is responsible for the sound of the entire group. Do your part to make the band sound great.


    General Regulations and Requirements

    “The Price of Greatness is Responsibility”~Winston Churchill


    1.      Students are expected to follow all directions given to them by directors, chaperones, and student leaders. Insubordination is in violation of the code of conduct outlined in the student handbook and will not be tolerated. Should you have any objections to a direction or commands, those objections may be addressed in an appropriate forum at the conclusion of rehearsal. That does not, however, allow you to disregard the command or direction.

    2.      Students are expected to adhere to all rehearsal times.

    3.      Students are expected to turn off cell-phones for the duration of practices and games. Any students found using their phones during rehearsals will have the phone confiscated and returned only to a parent or guardian.

    4.      All members are expected to accomplish a reasonable amount of individual practice.

    5.      When the band is visiting another school or public place you will be expected to follow directions and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Please remember that we represent the school.

    6.      You will be expected to do your part in keeping the music room neat and organized

    7.      Membership in the Marching Band is a prerequisite for joining concert band or jazz combo organizations.


    At Football Games

    1.      All students are expected to assist in the loading and unloading of all band equipment. Once you have ensured that your equipment is loaded/unloaded, you are expected to assist other students with additional band equipment.

    2.      No friends, family members or fans are permitted to sit amongst the band during the game. At the directors' discretion, alumni and visitors may be invited to perform in the stands during the games—these guests must be in school colors.

    3.      At the conclusion of the game, all students will march in block formation to the equipment truck. Once equipment has been loaded, students will then march in block formation to the buses.

    4.      No student will be dismissed from NEHS until all equipment has been unloaded, put away and the music room has been cleaned and organized.



    1.      Each student will be issued a band locker and each student is required to lock that locker at the conclusion of rehearsal. Locks are provided. If a student misplaces their lock there will be a $7 fee.

    2.      The size of locker is determined by the size and nature of the instrument. Students' individual needs will also be taken into consideration.


    Personal Belongings

    1.    Please keep all personal items in your hall locker. Small personal items should remain in your band locker during rehearsals and games.

    2.      THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISSING PERSONAL ITEMS. This includes cell phones, ipods, purses, and other belongings.


    Care of School Equipment and Property


    The Marching Band employs a varied array of equipment in order to put forth a first-class performance. We also utilize a variety of areas to rehearse and perform. Although you are encouraged to obtain your own equipment, this is often financially unfeasible. Therefore, you will likely borrow school equipment to utilize during the marching season. The use of this equipment carries certain responsibilities.


    1.      All students share the role in maintaining the performance and rehearsal spaces. You are expected to return any furniture or equipment to its proper location at the conclusion of rehearsal or events.

    2.      Clean up any trash you create

    3.      You will be held responsible for any damage to school equipment that is assigned to you. This means that you will be assessed any costs to repair or replace the equipment if it is damaged or lost. Your report cards, diplomas and school papers may be held if you do not return, repair or replace the damaged items. In severe circumstances, the assistance of local police will be obtained if necessary.

    4.      If you are unable to follow these guidelines, you will not be permitted to use school equipment.


    Attendance and Grading

    Band is a graded course where students earn points through participation, behavior, improvement, and performance. All students are expected to attend every rehearsal and performance.



    The director should be notified of all absences in writing at least one week prior to the event. 


    Excused Absences include:

    1.      School events such as an athletic match

    2.      Death in the family

    3.      Illness

    4.      Religious obligations



    After missing two events, the band director will meet with the student to discuss the nature of their absences and review the remaining calendar—remember we are a performance-based group and every student is important to the group’s success.


    If it is determined that the student can not meet the performance needs of the group, then the student, parents/guardians, and teacher will meet to discuss membership in the organization.



    All music used is supplied by the school. It is for your use but must be returned in good condition. Music has become expensive, and like your textbooks, it must be paid for by you if you lose or mangle it.


    1.      You will be provided with a concert folder to be returned at the end of the school year.

    2.      Marching lyres and flip books are provided by the school. If you lose or damage your lyre/flip book there will be a $5 fee for each item.



    Parent Guidelines


    1.      The NEHS Band has closed rehearsals-this means parents are not permitted on the field or in the classroom during a rehearsal or performance unless they are working on a specific task within their committee. If you need to speak to the directors, please make an appointment.

    2.      Establish the proper attitude toward music at home. Part of the purpose of your child studying music is that he/she might gain an appreciation for fine music.

    3.      Encourage practice at home. Productive practice will make a large difference in your child’s performance.

    4.      Speak well of the organization in which your child plays. Show him/her that you respect their efforts and the effort of the group. Show your child that you realize that being a member of a musical organization is serious work that demands responsibility and time-management skills.

    5.      Consider private instruction when good private teachers are available and when finances make such study possible.

    6.      Family, friends, and fans are not permitted to sit within the organization during football games—this is the band’s playing field (you would not sit in the middle of the soccer field) Students seats in the stands are intended to enhance the musical experience. Please watch your child at a respectful distance. Any person who can not respectfully sit near the organization will be asked to move their seat by the athletic director.


    Band Parents Association (Subsidiary of the Booster Club)

    The Band Parents Association is a tax-exempt organization that supports the New Egypt High School Music Department both financially and operationally. The association consists of an executive board and a general membership. The executive board consists of a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The Executive board is supported by the general membership, which is made up of parents/guardians of band members.


    1. In order to keep the Band Parents Association thriving, every family needs to be involved. There are a number of opportunities to be involved, including an equipment crew, concession stand group, uniform committee etc. These opportunities will be presented at Band Parent Meetings.

    2. When you arrive at an event to volunteer, please report to your committee chair-in most cases this will be the Band Parents President at the Concession Stand.


    Fundraisers and Band Accounts

    The band will participate in two forms of fundraisers.

    1.      “For the Good of All” These fundraisers are designed to benefit all of the students in the band. In the past, these funds have helped purchase peripheral elements of the marching uniforms, concert uniforms, instruments, etc. These funds have also been used for senior awards.

    2.      “For Personal Band Account Credit” These fundraisers are designed to be used as a credit toward an individual student. Students are not paid any cash for these fundraisers, rather the booster club will pay for the individual needs of a student who has earned credits. Credits can be used for camps, trips, instrument and uniform fees, and music-related items.

    3.      Any remaining credits in a students' account can be carried over throughout their time in the band. Upon graduation, funds can be used to purchase music related items or donated to the Band Parents General Fund.