Classroom Policies



    Homework Policyhw

    • Your child is responsible for copying down their assignments in their student planner. Please take time to check it, so you are aware of what your child has for homework each night.
    • Homework is usually given 4 nights per week as a review/reinforcement of what is taught in class, please check it over with your child. **
    • Long term assignments may be given (ex. book reports). Please encourage your child to use the time wisely-no last minute efforts.
    • If homework is not handed in on time a “0” goes in the grade book until the assignment is complete. Late work gets partial credit, but must be made up within the week.
    • All graded homework will be sent home in the Friday Folder.
    • Homework grades are based on neatness, effort, following directions, and errors and will be graded as follows:
        Check Plus = Above and beyond, neat and no errors!
        Check = Acceptable/Few errors.
        Check Minus = Sloppy/Careless/ManyErrors/Please Fix! 
    (This must be turned back in corrected.)
        Zero = Not completed, must be turned in immediately!  


    **If an assignment proves to be too difficult for your child and he/she required a lot of your help, please write a note at the top of the paper. This will ensure that it will be reviewed with your child.

    Homework teaches and encourages students to be independent and responsible.




    Rules and Behavior

    1) Listen and follow directions

    2) Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat

    3) Keep your body (hands & feet) to yourself

    4) Respect your classmates and your teacher.



                     Each Other


      I expect proper behavior from all of our students. If an undesirable behavior is consistently happening, or an incident happens that is not appropriate, the child’s family will be notified.

    Please note that a child may lose special privileges and events as a consequence of improper behavior.
    In case anyone does not follow the classroom rules and I do not feel that your child is acting on his/her best school behavior, I have the following consequences/discipline policy in place for our classroom:
    Minor Infractions (such as disrespect to any adult or student)
    • First Offense: The child will be given a verbal reminder
    • Second Offense: The child will go to the class "time out" area 
    • Third Offense:  The child will receive a letter home to his/her parents/guardians, stating the infraction. This letter will need to be returned the following school day signed by the parent/guardian.
    Major Infractions  (such as physically hurting someone)
    • At any time: The child will go straight to the principal/VP and he/she will issue the consequence, which may include a phone call home with the teacher present, where he/she will explain the situation and the consequence given.