•                       Reading 



     Students will be using a reading series called, "Reading Wonders." We are excited to start off the year using this wonderful program.  Students will have a text book and a workbook to use as a resource for extra practice. However, we are also continuing to incorporate aspects of the Reader's Workshop model. The children absolutely love learning about and reading on their own individual reading levels.  
    Within the workshop, we have a read aloud time, where students listen and comment with each other about the story being read. During this time, the children will be exposed to many different genres in literature while learning a variety of skills and strategies to enhance their reading. There is also a time where the students are reading silently at their own levels. While some students may be conferencing with a teacher, some are reading, writing about what they are reading, doing independent practice, or meeting in small groups for guided reading. The students really enjoy this time because they have the freedom to read a chapter book of their choice and also get to write back and forth with their teacher. 
    Students are graded on different activities that tie in with the skill of the week and story we are learning. Assessments are given at the end of each "week." A "week" may not always be 5 days. It could take up to 2 weeks to do some units. There is reading comprehension, grammar, and spelling. 
    We will also do class novel studies. This may consist of reading the story as a whole class, independently, with a partner, or with the teacher. Each child is responsible for all of their own comprehension questions that goes along with each book.   


    Students should read 20 minutes each night. Please continue to read at home every night with your child.  Having them read to you will help increase their fluency and comprehension skills!