Green Team
Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary Students are
Going GREEN!!!
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Here at the elementary school, we are doing so many great things to participate in our district's going green initiative.
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We started the year with a group of teachers leading our "Green Students". Sabrina McKemey, Lisa Hoger, Jamie Leto, and Laura Occhiuzzo are heading up the movement. These teachers will be meeting every month to assess on the environmental impact our grade level curriculum is teaching our students. Then they will be looking into ways to improve our environmental education within all classrooms. Currently, we are making everyone conscious of shutting off lights, computer monitors, and recycling paper, cans, and plastic.  With the use of our new technology, we are able to promote a more "earth-friendly" classroom. 
Every classroom has a student representative who is responsible for  helping their classroom to be as green conscious as they can. We have also received large recycling cans that are positioned in every hallway so that we can recycle throughout the day. The students are great reminders for this, as they are very aware of recycling and the use of our picture-labeled recycling bins.
In our Related Arts classes, the students are able to manipulate "green educational websites", create art from repurposed materials, and play fun recycling-themed games in gym.
All throughout our school, you can see many of the great things we are doing! 
We are doing a daily lunch count in our school that is helping to save on food waste. It is diminishing our waste by 50-90% every day!