Green Team
Much has been happening at NEHS regarding the Green Initiative.  Our GRASS ROOTS teacher/mentors have been busy working with students to implement our GREEN IQ lessons.  
Our entire school will be working on our GREEN MONDAY activities during our TEAMS time.  Each TEAMS class has identified a GREEN AMBASSADOR who will work closely with the GRASS ROOTS to facilitate and monitor their class' progress.  In addition, each class has given themselves a name (Green Machine, Wasteless Warriors, Recycling Fanatics to name a few!) that will be used to track participation and fundraising activities.   
"Trash Carry"
Each of our GREEN AMBASSADORS will be asked to carry around all of the trash that they produce in a 24 hour period.  Students will them examine the trash (through examining a log book- not by actually picking at the garbage) to determine if there are any items that could have been recycled, reused or repurposed.  The students will discuss consumer consumption issues and will identify what makes an item a luxury vs. a necessity.   Students will then be examining what makes a good "quality of life" and how consumer goods relate to happiness. 
Check back for pictures and updates.
Thanks for your interest!  
The Grass Roots
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