• Study Skills: Ten Ways to Get Good Grades
    1. Believe in yourself.Studying
    2. Be organized-Use your planner!
    3. Manage your time well.
    4. Be successful in class-Be in school every day on time and prepared to participate and learn!
    5. Take good notes.
    6. Know how to read a textbook-scan, read with purpose, and review.
    7. Study smart-find a good place, organize your time, study the right material, and review often.
    8. Use test-taking strategies-follow directions, read all answers before choosing one, and check your answers when you’re done.
    9. Reduce test anxiety-take a deep breath, calm your body, visualize a happy place, and relax!
    10. Ask for help when you need it-parents, teachers, counselors and friends are always willing to lend a hand!

    Adapted from O’Brien, L. (2009). How to get good grades in ten easy steps. Dayton, OH: Woodburn Press.