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    Welcome to the wonderful world of music!  
    Please consider getting your child involved in the band. 
    Music education is proven to elevate critical and abstract thinking, and also drastically improves test scores in math and language comprehension.  Nurturing your child's interest in music will benefit him/her for the rest of their life.  Musicians are many things: scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, carpenters, lawyers, business owners, CEOs, stay-at-home parents, politicians, athletes and every other occupation you can imagine.  Today's kids are busy.  They live in an over-scheduled world, where they are pulled in a multitude of directions.  Many parents' concerns are that their child is too busy and won't have time for music; that it will hinder their school work.  False!  They  will actually perform better in school because the research from the exploding field of musical neuroscience proves time and again this to be true.    
    Great resources are available to enhance your child's success.  The Essential Elements textbook includes either a DVD or a link to www.myeelibrary.com, which includes play-along tracks to all of the songs in the book, a "getting started video". If your DVD gets scratched or lost, or if the book comes with a card, then visit www.myeelibrary.com and type in the student activation code found on the title page. Your book does not have a code? No problem. Just type in the ISBN number located near the bar code, and you can access the start-up video and all of the play-along tracks that correspond with the exercises in the book.
    SMARTMUSIC  www.smartmusic.com.
    Click the following link to see what is the benefit of this program... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU3-idBL76U If your child likes video games, then this will turn their musical instrument into the game controller; enhancing and motivating their practice experience.
    Again, Welcome!  Let's make wonderful music together!
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