RAZ KIDS is an awesome webiste that your child can log onto, read a book on their level and answer comprehension questions to earn points and move onto their next reading level.  I sent home a letter with directions and a password with each child so they can begin reading on their level at home.  This can be counted towards their reading log!  Just write on the reading log RAZ KIDS.  Please encourage your child to use RAZ KIDS! 
     If you have misplaced or forgotten your RAZ-KIDS log in please let me know and I'll be sure to get it to you again!
    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
    As we say to dismiss students to their book nooks, "Happy Reading!!!"
    What's my reading level?
    In our second grade class we use Fountas and Pinnell reading levels during Reader's Workshop.  Most of the time when I'm talking about your child's reading level, I'm referring to the Fountas and Pinnell guide.  Second graders are reading books between level H-M on the Fountas and Pinnell guide.  Of course, there will be child a little below and a little above those levels.  While I work in small reading groups I'm focusing on skills your child needs for their next reading level.  Please make sure your child is reading each night to help them grow as a reader. 
    If you want to order "just right" books for your child through Scholastic:  look for the GRL level below the books in the catalog.  The GRL should be the same as their Fountas and Pinnell level I give each child. 
    However, RAZ KIDS uses their Reading A to Z leveling scale and the levels are a little bit different from Fountas and Pinnell.  I used this conversion chart when entering your child's level into their RAZ KIDS account.  Below you will find the correlation chart.
    Reading A-Z                  Fontas and Pinnell
    aa                                          A
    A                                            A
    B                                            B
    C                                            C
    D                                            D
    E                                            E
    F                                            F
    G                                           G
    H                                            H
    I                                              I
    J                                             J
    K                                            J
    L                                            K
    M                                           L
    N                                           M
    O                                          M
    P                                           M
    Q                                          N
    R                                          N
    S                                          O
    T                                          P
    U                                          Q
    V                                          Q
    W                                         R
    X                                          S
    Y                                         T
    Z                                         U-W