• Response to Intervention (RTI)

    The Response to Intervention (RTI) committee is in place to help identify and provide additional support services to students whose educational performance or behavior negatively affects their academic, social, or emotional growth or physical well-being. The multidisciplinary team designs, implements and monitors intervention plans for such students.  The team convenes monthly and may include the following team members:


    *School Counselor (Coordinator of the I&RS Committee)

    *Building Administrator

    *School Nurse

    *Regular Education Teacher

    *Special Education Teacher

    *Member of the Child Study Team

    The team also determines when students are eligible for protection under Section 504, which is a federal civil rights law that protects the rights of students with disabilities. A student must have an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity (i.e. walking, seeing, hearing, or learning), as compared to the average person of the same age, in order to be eligible for protection under Section 504.