• Do Now's

    9/9/13 What motivates people(parties) to trade? What effect does the size of the market have on trading?

    9/10/13 What is a corporation? Do Not SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON CORPORATION (Emphasize quiz on Wednesday)

    9/11/13 How much does a gallon of water weight?  What is the population of the World?  US? New Jersey?

    9/12/13 What two things will determine the success or failure of a corporation?

    9/13/13 What are your plans after High School? (Be specific as possible)  What are your career goals? (Be specific as possible) 

    9/18-19/13 Explain why in a mature free market economy there are no great surpluses or shortages.  Use beef and pork to give an example.

    9/20/13 Draw and label the Microeconomic Flow Chart showing money and factors of production

    9/20/13 What are the factors of production?

    9/24/13 Define GNP and GDP.

    9/25/13 Define aggregate demand and what should happen to aggregate damand when your income rises?

    9/26/13 Explain the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?

    9/30/13 If you discover a $20 bill in your wallet is counterfeit, what should you do?

    10/1/13 What obstacles to barter and trade led to the almost exclusive use of money as a medium of exchange?

     10/2/13 What is the United States central bank and when did they come into being?

     10/3/13 What are the Fed’s three primary responsibilities?

     10/7/13 A.      List and describe two things from the Mint and two things from the Fed that you observed on Friday’s trip.

    1. Write two questions that a future tripper would benefit in learning the answer to. 

    10/15/13 What are the advantages of keeping your money in the bank?

    10/16/13  List at least six reasons of when paying by check is better than paying by cash.

    10/17/13 List at least six reasons of when paying by check is better than paying by cash.

    10/18/13 List as many different transactions or activities (10) that can affect your checking account balance.

    10/21/13 You just realized that you recorded a check you wrote last week in your check register as entered as a credit (+) instead of as a debit (-).  Your current balance is $1,268.25 and the check was for $125.00.  1.  What do you do to correct the error?  2.  What is your new balance?

    10/22/13 Why do people use banks?

    10/23/13  Why keep a check register if you can easily get account information on-line or at an ATM?

    10/31/13 Test