•  Rules

    Respect yourself
    Respect each other
    Respect the classroom & school
    Be prepared to work
    Make your best effort at all times

    * Rules will be defined, explained, and reinforced throughout the year


    1.    Conduct- You are expected to respect everyone in the classroom, including yourself. I will help you identify appropriate and inappropriate conduct. You will be warned two times about your conduct before disciplinary action is taken. Once inappropriate conduct is addressed, there should be no reason to address it again.


    2.    Preparation- Be prepared to work at all times. You must have your agenda, all language arts supplies, and a writing utensil. Nothing should be left in your locker or at home.


    3.    Participation- Your input makes class exciting. Please answer questions or make comments relative to class conversation. When asked, please raise your hand.


    4.    Absences- I will provide all your missing work if it is requested. Please have a parent or guardian call the office if you are absent, and I can send the work home for your completion. You are responsible for all missing assignments.


    5.    Late work- If work must be turned in late, I will deal with the penalty on a case-by-case basis.


    In summary, I expect you to be in class and prepared to work and participate. If you are not in class or unable to work for some reason, I expect you to make up all work. I also expect that you put forth your best effort at all times. I will not tolerate anything less.