• Naviance Family Connection  is a comprehensive website that students and parents can use as a tool in planning for their future. Students have access to learning style and career interest inventories as well as a personality type assessment.  Knowledge of learning styles helps determine a student’s ideal learning and productivity conditions. Understanding how they work most effectively boosts self-esteem, enhances concentration and improves their ability to take in information. Career interest and personality type survey results reveal which careers and college majors offer the greatest likelihood of success. Student are also able to search for colleges based on criteria such as location, cost, availability of specific majors or athletic programs and students can produce a list of colleges that meet their criteria.  Through Naviance students will gain access to Method Test Prep, a program used to prepare for the SATs and ACTs.
    During senior year, students will update their resume and search for colleges using College SuperMatch or college search. All transcripts, letters of recommendations, school profile and miscellaneous forms will be submitted by the guidance department via Naviance eDocs.  It is imperative that students update their college choices and indicate which application filing method was used, i.e. Common App, college website, SENDedu or paper.  All request for letters of recommendation must be submitted officially via Naviance in order for teachers to have access to upload your documents.
    To access your Naviance account please click here.  If you have any trouble logging in please contact your Counselor.