• What do you do if your child is injured while participating in sports at NEHS?


    1. Make sure the Athletic Trainer (Jim Sawicki) and/or your child’s coach is aware of the injury.

                   A.    This ensures that we can get the most effective and efficient treatment for your child.

                   B.    Also, this communication makes sure that we are all on the same page and that we are all focused on getting your child healthy and back participating ASAP.

    1. Make sure that your child is doing their treatment & rehab program assigned to them by Mr. Sawicki.

                   A.    All injured athletes should be getting treatment from Mr. Sawicki before and after all practices/games. This treatment should also happen at home to help speed up the recovery process.

    1. Communicate any concerns with your child’s recovery with Mr. Sawicki

                   A.    Athletes usually want to be “tough” and will sometimes not communicate how badly they are hurting. If you are noticing anything that does not seem normal, feel free to contact Mr. Sawicki.


    What if your child has an injury that you think is serious enough to be seen by a doctor?


    1. If it is a serious or life threatening injury, go to the Emergency Room immediately!
    2. Otherwise, we recommend that you try to get in contact with Mr. Sawicki so that he can help guide you to the best doctor for your situation.

                   A.    Mr. Sawicki is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with athletic injuries.

                   B.    He can let you know if you should see you family doctor, an orthopedic, specialist, etc. Also, we have good relationships with many orthopedic groups in the area that allows us to have your child seen quickly (usually within a day or two).

                   C.   Plus, with Mr. Sawicki’s credentials, he may be able to treat your child in his Training Room at NEHS, which will save you time and money.

    1. If you do end up taking your child to a doctor during the season for any INJURY OR ILLNESS….you need a doctor’s note clearing them to return to sports, otherwise they must be held out.

                   A.    The note must specifically state that your child can return to sports. If the note says that they are okay to return to gym, that will not be sufficient.

                   B.    This is not the same as the note that goes to the Main Office to excuse your child from school. This note gets filed by me in their medical file and is required by the State of New Jersey.

                   C. Here is a template of a note that you can have filled out by the physician, so that there is no confusion: Physician Clearance Form 


    Will the school cover any medical costs that you incur from your child’s injury?


    1. The athletic insurance coverage is an umbrella policy only, the parents’ coverage is primary. Athletic insurance coverage will only cover eligible medical expenses which are not covered by the parents’ own personal or group insurance. This coverage is subject to restrictions & limitations.
    2. If you have questions regarding the school’s insurance or if you would like to submit a claim, you can contact the Central Office at 758-6800 x4210.

        3.    Here is the school's letter used to inform you what to do regarding use of the school's accident insurance:

    English Version                        Spanish Version

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Mr. Sawicki in any of the following ways:


    Phone: (609)-758-6800 x1252

    Fax: (609)-758-5683

    Email: sawickij@newegypt.us


    In Good Health,

    Jim Sawicki, ATC