• In effort to be more “green” and to utilize our technology in meaningful ways, we have eliminated the paper forms that have been used to request approval for professional development.  The single-page document and the half-page triplicate document are no longer necessary. Prior to taking the time to complete the form, please meet with your direct supervisor to discuss your request. 
    To access the Professional Development Request Form, please click  on the 23-24 Form .
    Please be aware of the following: 

    1)   Please use Source4Teachers (http://source4teachers.com/sams/) to record your absences.   You will need the confirmation number for the PD form.

    2)   There is an option to upload attachments.  Please use that option to upload a PDF of the brochure, flyer or other documentation that explains the session(s) you are requesting to attend.

    3)   The Form will ask for related standards.   PLEASE include just the most relevant, you do not need to include a lengthy list.

    To access the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers please click here.
    To access the New Jersey Student Learning Standards please click here.

    4)   Timing is very important in this process.  All professional development requires Board approval. Recommendations are submitted approximately ten days prior to the Board Meeting.  Please take this into consideration when making your request.  The Department of Curriculum and Instruction will make every effort the inform staff that their requests have been approved, but please be certain to confirm your approval and registration prior to attending.

    5)   Please use the Staff Portal to record your professional development hours.  Graduate courses, PLC meetings, common planning time meetings, and school-specific professional development are examples of what should be included.  

    NOTE:   It is your responsibility to register yourself unless you are told otherwise. Please send a hard copy or PDF of your registration to Mrs. Galloway (gallowayr@newegyt.us).   A paper registration is necessary for the business office to pay the vendor.  Payment to all professional development providers is in the form of a district-issued purchase order.