• All medication, prescription and over the counter, that is necessary for your child to keep at school, must be brought in by an adult. Students cannot transport medication to and from school for safety reasons. At the end of the school year, an adult must pick up the medication. Anything not picked up will be discarded.


    • In order for me to legally administer medication, the necessary paperwork must be filled out by you and the physician and returned to my office. The paperwork is available in my office and is good for the school year. Every new school year, a new packet needs to be filled out and returned to my office.


    • I will notify you by phone, e-mail or in writing if your child's medication is running low or expiring soon.


    • Over the counter medication includes nasal sprays, eye drops, lotions/creams/ointments, etc. The same rules for prescription medication apply to these.


    • A note about cough drops-I do keep a supply of cough drops in my office to help students with sore throats/coughs feel a bit more comfortable. I do not give cough drops to kindergarten and first graders unless I receive permission from a parent/guardian.

    General medication packet

    Asthma Action Plan packet

    Allergy/Anaphylaxis Packet