• Plumsted Township Board Of Education Community Committees


    All meetings will be held in the New Egypt High School Media Center 7:00PM


    I would like to thank everyone who participated in Year 1 of the Board of Education Community Committees. It is with much anticipation and interest that I am requesting additional members of the community to participate in the committee structure to further the work that was started with the development of the Plumsted Township School District Strategic Plan 2017-2022. This year we are hoping to expand each committee by 2 to 3 parents/guardians/community members, one (1)  additional staff member and one (1)  additional student. We are also adding a fourth meeting (which came out of the committees) so there is more continuity over the course of the year. The committees are listed below. If you are interested please email (northg@newegypt.us) stating the committee on which you would like to participate. I will close all committee openings on September 7.  Please consider participating on a committee as it allows us to have a greater understanding and perspective as we continue to improve for the students of the school district.


    2018-2019 Committees

    Professional Efficacy Committee - this committee will concern itself with teacher/staff training, teacher/staff recognition and district morale/culture.

    Dates: 10/1, 10/30, 11/26, 2/25, 4/29

    21st Century Curriculum Committee - This committee will concern itself with professional learning, use of data, personalized learning, curricula and technology.

    Dates: 10/3, 11/29, 2/28, 3/21, 5/2

    Student Success Committee - This committee will concern itself with Co-curricular, Extra-curricular, Athletics, Disenfranchised students, Warrior GRIT curriculum.

    Dates: 10/2, 11/27, 2/26, 3/14, 4/30

    Warrior Broadcasting Network - This committee will concern itself with Alumni Relations, Community Partnerships, District Communication, Public Relations and Branding.

    Dates: 10/9, 12/4, 3/5, 5/7

    Warrior 2022 Committee - This committee will concern itself with Facilities, Transportation, Budget, Revenue Sources, and Future Funding.

    Dates: 10/11, **12/6, 3/7, 5/9

    ** The 12/6 meeting will dicuss the referendum