•  Our Daily Homework
    Daily Comprehension Journal -
    This journal will come home Monday through Thursday night.
    Please read the weekly passage with your child and have him/her answer the daily question.  Have your child bring it back to school the next day, so that we can go over it in class.
    Reading Folder -
    Your child will bring home this folder daily (Monday-Thursday).  There will be a "just-right" book inside the folder that your child has read in class and should reread with you.  They also should complete the response sheet inside the folder.  Sometimes, the children will finish this sheet in school.  Please send this folder to school every day, so that your child can get a new book.
    Math -
    Your child will occasionally have Math Homework.  Please have your child complete the math page and return it to school the next day.  If your child has any trouble with the activity, just write a note on the homework, and I will be happy to help him/her with it.