• Welcome to the Plumsted Township School District.


    As the Superintendent of this exemplary school district, I am extremely proud of our students, staff, and parents that develop and promote the success of all of our schools.  We are fortunate and grateful to have the Plumsted community and their commitment to providing overwhelming support to our administration, staff, and students each and every school year. 


    Our priority has always been to create a culture of safety, trust, and collegiality amongst our students, staff, and community.  Our school community should be assured that our district will always consider the feedback received through conversations, emails, and phone calls to reflect on our practices so the district can continue to provide a rigorous 21st Century learning environment.  All of our key decisions will be made after careful consideration of all information gathered so we can continue to follow our district’s mission.  We will continue to make decisions that inspire all of our students to realize their full potential by academically challenging our students so they can develop into critical thinkers and productive citizens.


    Our goal is to update the district website with a new template that will provide easier access to information for our students, staff, and community.  Please follow us on X, Instagram, and Facebook to see all of the great things happening in our schools.


    Plumsted Township Schools will always be “unleashing unlimited opportunities….empowering one warrior at a time!”


    Educationally yours,


    David M. Ytreboe

    Superintendent of Schools

    Plumsted Township School District