New Egypt Extended Day (NEED) Childcare

2016-2017 Before and After School Child Care


The Plumsted Township School District is committed to providing both affordable and safe before and after school programs for all students.
  • Family registration fee is due at time of enrollment. Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • For the 2016-2017 school year the family registration fee remains $60.00 per family and requires the first month’s tuition at time of enrollment or by August 15th if registering during the summer.
  • There are three options for childcare – the Gold Plan, the Blue Plan and In-A-Pinch (back-up/emergency care for children registered with the NEED program). Additional information can be found under NEED Program Plan Descriptions.
  • Tuition is due on the 15th of the preceding month. Late fees of $20.00 per family are incurred after the 20th.
  • Tuition (for all plans) and Blue Plan schedules are due on the 15th of the preceding month.
  • Enrollment forms may take up to 3 full school days to process pending space availability.
  • On your child’s first day of NEED, send a note to the classroom teacher to inform him/her of your child’s NEED schedule.
  • All information must be completed on both sides of the registration form and signed. Please continue to update the NEED program throughout the year if your contact information or contact information for your authorized pick-up individuals change.
  • Parents seeking a 2016-2017 Free & Reduced Lunch discount should call the Board of Education office for income qualifications.
  • Confirmation schedules for September will be emailed the week of August 29. After that, confirmation schedules are provided monthly to families via email on approximately the 23rd of the month before. Please review your schedule monthly for accuracy and important information including early dismissal days, holiday care, special visits and/or activities.
  • For parent review: 2016-2017 Accident Insurance is with Bob McCloskey Student Insurance. They can be reached by the link or at 800-445-3126. Please contact the main office for additional information on accident insurance.
To register bring or mail completed registration packets (all required forms and payment to):
NEED Office
Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School
44 N. Main Street
New Egypt, NJ 08533
For more information or clarification on the programs, please call the NEED office at (609)758-6800 x3266. Incomplete packets cannot be processed and will be returned causing a delay in your registration. The school district is open Monday - Thursday during the months of July and August.
Checklist for NEED Program registration packet
Printable forms to be completed in pen. Please print clearly to avoid errors, especially for phone numbers and email addresses.):