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    The district will be conducting routine maintenance on all student MacBook Air computers this summer.  Each student is to turn in their computer, once the student has completed all work, by June 18.  Students will be reminded by their teachers to turn in their MacBook before they leave for Summer break.  Any device that is not turned in will be remotely locked after June 19 and a reminder will display for students to bring in the device for necessary upgrades. Students are asked to turn in their computer to the IMC.
    Computers will be returned to the students the first few days of school in September.  Students will be receiving the same computer in September that they turn in by June 18.
    Mr. NEHS 2019
    Sebastian Clara
    New Egypt High School's Teacher of the Year!
    Mr. Doug Grotto


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Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

    The School Anti-Bullying Specialist contact information is:
    Mrs. Alicia DeMarco
    New Egypt High School
    117 Evergreen Road
    New Egypt, New Jersey  08533
    (609)758-6800  Ext. 1407
    The District Anti-Bullying Coordinator is:
    Ms. Alicia Farese
    New Egypt Middle School
    115 Evergreen Road
    New Egypt, New Jersey  08533
    (609)758-6800  Ext. 5001

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