• Principal's Message:

    Welcome to New Egypt High School!  

    We are a school that prides itself in providing our students with a comprehensive educational program consistent with our district and stakeholder vision and mission.  All programs within our school reflect high academic, social, and behavioral expectations centered around College and Career Readiness. Serving over 300 students in grades 9 - 12+, we place a strong emphasis on individualized and personalized instruction for all of our students that cater to their unique needs as learners and young adults.  We maintain high levels of academic rigor and sustain and deliver programs emphasizing leadership, citizenship, and character education.

    New Egypt High School is committed to fostering 21st Century Skills by infusing technology into our classes.  Through our 1 to 1 technology initiative, various learning platforms, and classroom technology, we have and will continue to expand our students' learning opportunities in a global world.  

    Our counseling department centers not only on high school graduation requirements, but also college and career placement and readiness.  The guidance department offers a comprehensive counseling program addressing student needs in the area of academics, goal setting, college planning, career planning, social and emotional growth, and individualized student assistance.  In collaboration and consultation with teachers, administrators, parents/guardians and the school community, our counseling department works tirelessly to open up various avenues for our students to pursue following their high school years.

    Our school's extracurricular programs are numerous and stellar.  We are confident that our students find clubs and activities that fit their individual interests.  Sports programs, clubs, student council, band, chorus, and other activities help to ensure that students have the opportunity to be involved in school life outside the walls of the classroom.  Teachers, coaches, advisors and administrators strongly encourage our student population to get involved in extracurricular activities early in their high school careers and stay involved in multiple activities.  We believe that student involvement encourages teamwork, time management, and positive school climate and school spirit.  

    New Egypt High School's academies are a point of pride.  We offer academies in Business, Law and Justice, Engineering, Teaching, and TV/Communications.  Students in these academies enjoy a positive and rigorous educational experience that is tailored toward their specific interests.  Electives in these academies and throughout the school give our students many opportunities to learn outside their core classes.  

    Strong community support is one of the most important pieces to a successful school and successful district.  We are proud of the support that our greater community and individual groups provide us. We thank Plumsted Township for its support and look forward to continuing our positive relationship with the many organizations and individuals who share our mission.  Our focus and efforts continue to be the achievement of the vision set forth by the Board of Education and our school community, which commits itself to the academic and social growth of our entire student body.

    Richard P. DeMarco

    609-758-6800, Ext. 1400