• Welcome to Kindergarten through 5th grade ART! 
    We love to paint!
        Welcome to ART at the Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School!
    During school closures there are many ways to keep ART in our lives!
    • Create sketchbooks from recycled paper or printing paper. Staple pages together, create a title page, draw according to a theme and write titles, ideas, even poetry and short stories too accompany sketches. Leonardo da Vinci kept sketchbooks with sketches, ideas, inventions and explanations. 
    • Take a walk outside and notice things that are ART in Nature: the colors of the sky at different times of day, the trees as they change into spring, the flowers that may be blooming in early spring, wildlife, birds, etc. Let Nature inspire some art!
    • Use recycled items at home to build new inventions. A box, some cardboard, plastic, etc. and some tape will encourage the making of some new engineering ideas!
    • It's a great time to explore some messy art that encourages hand washing! Like finger painting! Making slime! 
    • Keeping creative will help with staying positive and healthy!
     Our art program celebrates the creativity, energy and enthusiasm that all children have for learning. We learn about everything in the art room! I love to weave in all areas into our art studies. Students learn to make many connections as they create. We write and draw, we paint and spell, we learn about history and science and most importantly we learn how to think as we create. Lots of meaningful learning goes on in both of our wonderful art rooms. I like to think of these rooms as learning laboratories!
    It is important for children to have a dedicated time and space for creative activities. I try to create a wonderful and stress-free atmosphere for every student so that they can learn, think and create and have fun.
    I believe that every child is a great artist. I know that every student who comes into my art rooms has great potential and it is my job to help them make great artwork.
    It's always about the blue skies with me!
     This is a photo I took  that sums up how I feel about life and teaching. We have to stop and look at the blue skies that give us hope, energy, ideas and enthusiasm for life!
    There are lots of fun activities going on every day in our beautiful big art room, we like to call it our art studio. 
     painting from second grade June 2014
    We learn about a lot of things in our art room every day.  I believe that learning about a variety of topics inspires students to be creative thinkers. We make lots of art every  day.  We truly have a learning laboratory in our art room so that students can not only learn the skills that artists need but can learn to have good character skills and learn how to become beautiful people while working on beautiful art projects.
    It is my belief that every person has a wonderful creative spirit inside of them! People are full of unique possibilities!