• “Unleashing Unlimited Opportunities . . . . Empowering One Warrior At A Time!”

    2019-2020 District Goals


    1. Plumsted Township School District will research, develop and implement the Year 3 goal and strategies of the Plumsted Township School District Strategic Plan.  The Superintendent, central office and building administration will work in conjunction with the Board of Education Community Committees to develop the goal of improved Customer Service as the focal point for the Year 3 strategies. Administration and Committees will report quarterly as to the outcomes achieved and the effect on the successful implementation of the initiatives. The BOE and administration will use the data gathered to make decisions about Year 4 of the Strategic Plan.


    1. Plumsted Township School District will continue to research, develop and implement the Warrior
      Personalized Learning Curriculum to enhance the facilitation of learning in grades 6-11. The administration, and professional staff will gather data concerning student growth during the school year, as well as year to year data on state and national assessments to determine trends in our district.


    1. Plumsted Township School District will train, implement and evaluate staff and students as to effectiveness the new K-5 Math program, The district will gather data to determine if the weaknesses and holes found through evaluation of current student performance is improved effectively with professional development andnew resources. The district and building administration will make an initial presentation to Board of Education and will follow up with mid-year and end of year date and evaluation as to the effectiveness of the program.