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        Welcome to Mrs. Carr's 
                6th grade LA/SS Class                               
                      Students are awesome in every way!                     
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    "Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand."   ~Anonymous   
    Reading: Read at least 20-30 minutes each night; Fill out the reading log on google classroom.   
    Writing: Writer's Notebook - reading response and writing entries
    Prefixes, Root Words, and Suffixes Click on one of the following links to practice this standard.
    Activity Link Prefix Meaning Match Game www.vocabulary.co.il/prefixes/middle-school/ms-prefix-meaning-match/ Prefix Division Game
    Crossword Creator
    Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary & Thesaurus Wordsearch
    Wordsearch Link www.spellingcity.com/
    LA text book-Pearson online- pearsonrealize.com
    Social Studies- On-Line access to the textbook:   www.classzone.com
    Text- World History - Ancient and Early Modern Times        
    The Critical Words Students Must Know for the Common Core State Standards.pdf http://quizlet.com/5320033/lims-6th-grade-ela-informational-text-non-fiction-flash-cards/  -  Nonfiction text features quiz cards.
     Contact information: carrd@newegypt.us  758-6800 ext.2605