Our goal at New Egypt Middle School is to explore and refine our musical talents. Whether singing or performing on instruments, we enhance and enrich our lives and the lives of the community members.
    Please explore the links found on this page to further your musical studies and for more information about our program offerings.
    Click the link above to go to the South Jersey Band and Orchestra Director's Association site to get all of the information about the audition! 
    It is important that all students adhere to the dress code for all performances (unless otherwise noted).
    *Note concert attire for men is a white button down shirt and tie, black dress pants, black socks and black shoes. For women is a choice of a black dress or black dress pants or skirt and a white blouse. Also, black socks or stockings and black dress shoes are preferred.  Please refrain from wearing nude or white stockings and absolutely no colored stockings or socks.
     Past events:
    The full band rehearses every Tuesday from 6:45-7:45 AM.  Since the band members rehearse during their various scheduled class times, we don't get the opportunity to work as a complete ensemble.  Although morning rehearsals aren't mandatory, it is highly recommended that every student makes an effort to attend these rehearsals, to not only get extra help, but to also build a cohesive ensemble sound.  
    The choir
    rehearses every Wednesday at 6:45-7:45 AM. Students are highly encouraged to attend morning rehearsals to get the songs ready for performance, and to also work on valuable vocal-building exercises. Everyone can sing, and this group provides an outlet for everyone to share their gifts with the school and community.