Mrs. Hoger

    Read 180 Teacher 
    Phone: (609)758-6800 ext.3612
    Our school is implementing Read 180 Next Generation, an innovative reading intervention program by Scholastic. Read 180 is a research-based program with proven results in raising student reading achievement. Read 180 uses cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized reading instruction, provide valuable skills practice, and motivate students to become confident readers.
    In our Read 180 class, we work together to:
     - Build essential literacy skills
    - Improve reading proficiency
    - Develop multi-paragraph writing skills
    - Boost confidence 
    Reading At Home…Can Make A HUGE Difference!
    Make Reading A Part Of Your Family Time!
    Here are some tips for integrating reading into our daily family activities:
    - Read bedtime stories
    - Play a board game
    - Visit your local library
    - Read a recipe and cook something yummy together
    - Create a comfy reading space in your home 
    - Put your child in charge of reading the grocery list at the store
    Choose Books That Are At An Appropriate Reading Level For Your Child
    - Use the five finger rule. 
    Open the book to any page and ask your child to read. Put up a finger every time your child does not know a word. If you have put up more than five fingers before the end of the page, this book is too hard for your child. 
    How To Read With A Beginning Reader: 
    - Encourage your child to use his/her finger to point to each word.
    - Read a sentence and have your child repeat it. 
    - Take turns reading a sentence each or a page each. 
    - Talk about the story as you read it. What do you think will happen next?
    What does this story remind you of? How do you think this character feels?
    - Don’t be afraid to read the same book again! Repeated reading helps build reading fluency!
    Check For Understanding
    - Start the book by making predictions. What do you think will happen in this story?
    - Ask questions and make comments during the reading process.
    - After reading a book, have your child tell you the events from the story in the correct order. 
    - What was the problem in this story?
    - How did the character feel when…?
    - Encourage your child to make connections. Does this story remind you of another book you read,
    an event in your life, a movie?
     Here is a list of some fun, educational, and safe websites 
    for your child to visit and explore!
    Switcheroo Zoo 
    Nat Geo for Kids 
    Into the Book
    ABC YA
    Fun Brain
    PBS Kids
    Star Fall
    Storyline Online
    Highlights Kids