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    Welcome to my webpage. There are many valuable resources on the grade level pages that can help your child learn the target vocabulary more effectively. One of the best (and one of my favorites) is Quizlet. I spend many long hours to create the electronic flashcards through Quizlet. Please check out the links and use them as often as you like. Directions to accessing the Quizlet resources are found at each grade level page. once you have accessed the sets, turn on your speakers or plug in your headphones to hear the vocabulary spoken by a native speaker.  
    If you would like to leave me feedback about my webpage (what works well, what could be improved, or if you have suggestions for new features, etc...) please email me using the link above. Please include something simple in the subject line, such as "question about Spanish," so I know the email is safe to open, even if I don't recognize your email address. If you prefer to leave me a voicemail instead, please send me an email using the link above or call the school [(609) 758-6800, x121] and ask the secretaries to transfer you to my voicemail.
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