• College Club Information


    The College Club was created to aid 11th grade students in the arduous process of selecting an appropriate four year college or university that will fit their needs academically, socially, and in any other extra curricular manner in which they choose.  Meetings take place with Mr. Palumbo from 2:00-2:43 and are one-on-one by appointment only. The following topics are discussed:


    1.                            Initial recognition and search of schools which suit the student’s individual needs.

    2.                            Students will use the preliminary list to further research each school selected.  Once the students have done this, they will return to Mr. Palumbo for a consultation session to add/subtract schools from initial list.

    3.                            Once schools are identified as ones that students decide they may want to apply to, applications are requested and Mr. Palumbo will begin to help student formulate essays for each application.

    4.                            Other services rendered upon request of students include SAT comprehension for Critical Reading and Writing sections.



    If interested in joining the club and receiving individual consultation, see Mr. Palumbo to set up an appointment. After school appointments are limited, so please see Mr. Palumbo at your earliest convenience.