• New Egypt Student Government (SGA)



    Format: So there are no conflicts, we will meet Fridays during unit lunch in room 209. Your teachers will be notified. This means there is no reason (need to do homework) for you to miss the meeting unless you are absent from school.


    The Student Council will be made up of 4 officers:

    • President – the obvious leader and voice of the SGA; must be a senior or junior
    • Vice-President – works with the president second in command; must also be senior or junior
    • Secretary – keeps notes of each meeting, types them up to be emailed to AA teachers and read to students. In charge of keeping an attendance log as well; this position can be held be anyone.
    • Undergrad – student who works under the president and vice-president so to learn the daily tasks that they undertake; must be a freshman or sophomore.


    Under the power of the Student Council will be representatives from each grade. There will be a president & vice-president elected from each grade as well as 4 other representatives. Thus, each grade will select a total of 8 members.


    This will bring the total members in Student Government to 32. This we felt was a manageable number to hold meetings.


    Elections: We will hold the elections for the 4 student council opening first. Those that decide to run for president will need to create a speech that each class will hear. I need to know if you are going to run and for which position by Tuesday of next week. This gives you the weekend and a day to decide.


    Following those elections, students that want to run for representative openings may do so. Included in these names can be students that were defeated for student council openings. Following the results of these elections, there will be a vote to determine class officers as well. There will be more to follow in this area.


    Organizations: Some organizations that were created in years past, as well as new ones, will be filled by members of the SGA. These committees include Cafeteria, Social (Homecoming, Spirit, Prom), Student Leaders, Guidance (College, Academics). Other committees may be formed if you choose to create them.


    Other: We have control of the board in the front foyer. Our plan is to have a poster with all 28 members’ names as well as their pictures. We want to kids in this school to know where to go if they have an idea, solution, problem, etc. It will also let the school know our meeting dates & times as well as the issues we are working on. There will be a committee created to make sure this stays current.








    The name of this organization shall be the New Egypt School Student Council




                SECTION I: PURPOSE


    The purpose of this organization shall be to serve as an official medium through which students’ ideas and opinions may be presented for faculty and administrative action; to serve as a governing body (with faculty supervision) for the development, promotion, and administration of student affairs; to give organized student support to educational, recreational, social, and charitable activities initiated and sponsored by the school, and thus form a closer relationship between the students, faculty, and administration.


                SECTION II: MEMBERSHIP


    The Student Council shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, each being an upperclassman (junior/senior) during his/her year of service.


    Representatives shall have no limit or class designations.




    The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the High School Student Body shall be elected in the spring of the school year previous to that of their by all rising 9-12 grade students. These officers must either be in tenth or eleventh grade during the year in which they are elected. The term of these officers will commence at the beginning of the following school year.


    In all Student Council elections, if no candidate receives greater than fifty percent of the vote, a run-off election between the top two candidates shall be held the following day of school. If there is a tie for the top position, all candidates with the tying percentage shall participate in the run-off election. If there is a tie for the second position, the top candidate and all of the candidates with the tying percentage for the second position shall participate in the run-off.  The candidate with the highest percentage in the run-off shall be elected officer. If a tie occurs for the top position in the run-off, balloting shall continue between the top two positions, until the tie is broken by the highest percentage method.



    In order to run for office, a student must have been involved with the Student Council for at least two years. Also, the person may not be involved in Class Office if they intend on being part of the Student Council. In order for the Student Council to be productive, it is necessary that all members are able to commit a vast amount of time for the cause.


    Each person running for any position, whether it be for officer or representative, must have recommendations from teachers. The amount and length of each will vary, depending upon the position.




    The president of the Student Council shall oversee all responsibilities and actions that take place within the Student Council. He/She shall supervise all activities and ensure that the voice of the student body is heard at all times.


    The Vice-President of the Student Council shall aid the President in all of his/her duties. He/she shall work with the President in order to encourage a productive and well-balanced Student Council.


    The Secretary of the Student Council shall keep the minutes of each meeting. He/she shall listen to the President and the entire student Council and record all of the pertinent information to further enable the Student Council to remain a stable and productive organization.


    The Treasurer of the Student Council shall oversee all of the money within the Student Council account. He/she shall present the amount in the Student Council treasury at the beginning of each meeting.




    Each representative shall participate in all activities involving the Student Council. He/she shall relay information spoken about in the meetings to their respective AA classes.




    There shall be a Student Council meeting at least once a week. This meeting may consist of officers only, provided there is a meeting at least once a month that includes the entire Student Council.


    Any Student Council member who is absent from more than three meetings in one school year shall be removed from the Student Council.



    If any member of the Student Council knows that he/she shall be absent at a majority of the meetings, it is recommended that he/she resign his/her post so that he/she can be replaced  by another officer or member of the Student Council.


    If a member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she shall fill out an absentee form and turn it in to the Student Council advisor or President at least two days prior to the meeting. If the member fails to do so, the missed meeting will count as unexcused, and if this happens three times, the member will be discharged from the Student Council without warning.


    Each Student Council meeting shall be open to a liaison from Class Office and the National Honor Society. The liaison will keep notes of the meeting and coordinate activities for the best interest of the school.






    Students have the option to petition for a reelection by completing a petition containing the signatures of 70% of the student body that elected the member to office. Submission of this petition to the Student Council shall cause a reelection for that candidate’s position.


    The principal of New Egypt High School may remove any member of the Student Council for poor academics or bad behavior at any time.




    A referendum may overrule a Student Council decision or decide a particularly controversial issue. If a petition containing the signatures of 25% of the student body is submitted concerning a certain issue, a vote of the entire student body is required. In order for the issue to be passed, 70% of the student body must have voted, and a majority of the voters must be in favor of it. On constitutional issues, 55% of the student body must vote in favor of the proposed amendment.