New Egypt Primary School
    New Egypt Primary School has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of a diverse set of young preschool learners.  Our goal is to provide excellent social and academic experiences for multiple ability children ranging from 3-5 years old.
    Our Full Day Preschool Program houses multi-aged classrooms composed of communities of learners with a range of abilities and gifts.   Learning and instruction is individualized as children progress and grow.  Using exploration and discovery as a way of learning at each student's own pace, teachers utilize NJ Department of Education approved "Creative Curriculum", enabling preschoolers to develop confidence, creativity and lifelong critical thinking skills.
    All academic programs are based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  Literacy, mathematics, science and social studies are integrated with character education and civic awareness in the students' daily schedules.  The use of educational technology and teaching our students G-string century skills are critical components of our school day.  Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) program engages our full day preschool students in exploratory, play-based, multidisciplinary activities that are interactive, fun and age appropriate.
    New Egypt Primary School's Self-Contained Preschool Program services children who require highly structured classroom settings with a low student/staff ratio.  This program is based on each child's individual needs determined by the Child Study Team.  We also offer an Integrated Preschool Program that services children with special needs with typically developing children, together in one classroom.  In our inclusive classrooms, children who have a wide range of abilities thrive through a program that supports their participation in a collection of early childhood settings and experiences, with appropriate modifications and accommodations in order to achieve school readiness and positive outcomes. 
    New Egypt Primary School's Early Childhood ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Program services children with individual needs.  Our certified staff is trained to utilize the latest research based interventions to each learner's skills, needs, interest, preferences and family situation to bring out meaningful and positive improvement in socially significant behaviors.
    Our mission at New Egypt Primary School is to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each student and the importance of developing the whole child.  Our focus is to provide a nurturing, child-centered early educational program for all students.  We fully appreciate and understand that our success is based on the on-going support of the Plumsted Township Board of Education and the New Egypt community and look forward to working in partnership for the benefit of all children.  
    Andrea L. Caldes