Committed to providing a rich instructional environment that facilitates personalized learning for all, New Egypt Middle School successfully the Warrior Personalized Learning Platform.  The Platform is an on-line teaching tool that assists teachers in making learning more personal while empowering students to develop the skills they need to be successful in school and beyond. In place of textbooks, the platform offers curriculum in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in one place.  In addition, parents have the ability to view their child’s progress live as well as through up-to-date progress reports.  

    The projects that students are working on in the platform are hands-on and exciting to students because they tend to mimic things that they would encounter in the real world. Teachers use real-time data to assess students’ needs during Student Directed Learning (SDL) time that is built into their daily schedules.  The data is used to provide 1:1 support and/or small group instruction or “workshops” to those who require additional assistance. This time allows for more individualized instruction for all students. 

    Mentoring is an important aspect of the Warrior Personalized Learning Platform. Each student at New Egypt Middle School is paired with a mentor who acts as their advocate and gets to know each student both inside and outside of the classroom. Mentors meet with their students every other day to support their progress towards developing short-term and long-term academic and personal goals. In doing so, students become more accountable for their own success. 

    Parents are encouraged to reach out to the school to receive 1:1 technology support when in need of assistance on how to navigate through the platform. In addition, parents are invited to come in to shadow their child throughout their daily schedule and experience first hand how their child is an active participant in the learning process.  

    The students and staff of New Egypt Middle School are proud of their school and know that strong community support is a key ingredient to the success of any school.  We thank the community for its support and look forward to working in partnership for the benefit of our students. Our focus and efforts continue to be the achievement of the vision set forth by the Board of Education, which commits itself to the academic achievement and social growth of all students.

    Andrea L. Caldes

    (609) 758-6800 ext. 2100